De Sirius is a green soul company that respects people and the environment, developing quality products that truly act, becoming allies in the hands of beauty professionals. We care about sustainability, so we have actions aimed at preserving the environment. Nowadays, De Sírius has franchisees in 20 Brazilian states, exports its products to more than 20 countries and is present in the main national and international fairs.

Cosmetics of tomorrow, today!

De Sírius Cosméticos

De Sirius Cosmetics was founded in 1998, through the dream of entrepreneurs Flávio and Sabrina Rosa, to provide high quality of products to the professional beauty market. The company began in a space of 60sqm, with only 2 items in its product mix, the Restorer Cream and the Wet Glow Gel, which the first one is being the sales leader until today, which proves the quality of the brand.

With the passage of time, the company gained recognition of the professionals and space in the market and this fact made gradually new products were developed to atend the needs of the consumers.

In order to maintain its high quality standards, the brand has ISO 9001 certification, and through constant research, development and technological innovations, De Sirius Cosmetics is today one of the most complete brands in Brazil, with a mix of hair products with more than 200 items, able to meet all the needs of professionals, and stand out for their differentials, as exclusive products. All of this made De Sirius gain the confidence of the professionals of the salon and the fame of launching trends and innovative cosmetics, distributed in 14 lines: BCB, Corative Color +, Tonative Color +, Divine Waves, Gloss Color, Clarium, Intenselize, Kerativa, K Liss, Nutricontrol, Kera Repair, Lift Hair, Platinum Express and Sculpt.

To maintain the relationships with your customers, keeping them updated about the launches, strengthen the brand, and attract new customers, the company participate in the main national and international trade fairs, which are: Hair Brasil (Brazil), Beauty Fair (Brazil), Cosmprof Bologna (Italy), Beautyworld Middle East (Dubai), Cosmoprof Las Vegas (USA) and Cosmoprof Hong Kong (China).

The participation in these events, made the company gain international recognition, exporting to 20 countries today, always complying with its regulations.

De Sirius also has actions aimed at preserving the environment: All sewage and waste from washing equipment are treated in two separate treatment stations, where the water is cleaned and can be reused.    

Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

Produce cosmetics in a sustainable way, with a high quality standard, satisfying the entire chain and the community, with products that deliver real results.

To be recognized internationally until 2022 as a high quality, sustainable and innovative cosmetic industry.

  • Ethics in relationships;
  • Courage to do;
  • Commitment to the truth;
  • Research and Innovation constant;
  • Valorization of the human being.