My blond hair turned green, what do I do?

Summer, sun, heat and you just have to cool off.

Difficult to resist a pool, right?

You dive first and then ... remember you have blonde hair!

And now? The vast majority of blondes have already gone through such a situation.
But, after all, why does the hair turn green in the pool?
This is because of the Copper Sulfate used to clean algae in the pool.

It causes a reaction with the keratin of the hair.

This reaction happens in all types of hair, including natural ones, however, in blonds the change is more visible.

Since chemically blonds are more porous, they absorb copper sulfate better and react more.

How to prevent hair from turning green?

As prevention is better than cure, here are some tips:
• Treat your hair before the summer;
• Wet your hair before entering the pool, so it will absorb clean water (without chlorine and copper sulfate) and apply a finisher like Leave-In OrganKer;
• Use products with sun protection, such as DD Spray from the Deep Nutrition line, before diving;
• When leaving the pool, take a shower with drinking water and use a Purifying shampoo (for example, the Organker) and apply a treatment cream - it can be from the Deep Nutrition or Absolute Illuminator line (great option, as it contains lactic acid);

My hair is already green, what can I do?
• We recommend washing with the Professional Organker Shampoo and pausing for at least 10 minutes (during the break, you can tighten your hair, to see if green water will come out).

After the pause, rinse with warm water;
• On the wires, apply Dtox 1 and 2, also from the Organker line. Massage and pause another 10 minutes, then rinse;
• After that, treat with Absolute Illuminator cream or Organker Repair cream.
NOTE: In hair that has become very intense green, you can also mix the Absolute Illuminator cream with Ox 05 volumes and pause for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse.

With these tips, you will have a beautiful blonde and enjoy even more this wonderful season that is summer ...

Dive without fear and use the best products: De Sírius Cosméticos.

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