Everything about Wetting. What is capillary wetting and what is it for?

Capillary moisturizing is a lipid replacement (good oils) for dry, thick or bleached hair.

This technique requires applying oils or products with lipid agents to replace essential oils for softness, shine and a pleasant touch to the hair.
Now you need to pay attention to “pure” oils and oils derived from petroleum.

When you find assets in the composition of products such as: MINERAL OIL, PARAFFINIUM LIQUIDUM, VASELIUM LIQUIDUM or PETROLATUM, run away!

They are enemies of hair, because they have no absorption, create a layer on the hair and, with the sun, fry, weaken and help to break the hair.

Also be careful when placing pure oils, because even though they are natural, they need to be purified to extract their beneficial properties for the hair.

They also need to have silicones in the formulation, as silicones are responsible for fixing the assets in general in the hair.

If the oil is pure, you will only soak the strands, in addition to the risk of frying and weakening the hair.
You can still mix the oils in the treatment creams, but it is important that the creams also do not contain petroleum-derived oils.

Regardless of whether the hair is straight, wavy or curly, moistening will help to improve the dryness of the strands, dull hair, split ends and frizz.

It will be wonderful for your hair.
De Sírius has Oleo de Baru, which is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9.

It is a powerful hair and cell regenerator.

You can, in addition to moisturize, mix in creams, to activate curls, use on the skin, face, body, in short, use and abuse.

Another product that De Sírius has is the Elixir 12 Benefits of the Absolute Illuminator line.

It contains the 5 ancient oils: Argan, Calamo, Olive, Cinnamon and Myrrh.
Here are some advantages of moistening your hair: shine, frizz reduction, prevents friction between the hair, reduces breakage, replenishes nutrients and softness.

Step by step to moisten the wires
It's pretty easy!

Before bathing or at night, apply the oil generously, massaging in the direction of the cuticles.

Then align with the help of a brush or comb.

You can also apply some of the oil to your scalp, massaging it.
Let it act for 30 minutes and proceed to bathing normally, using shampoo and treatment of your choice.
If you want to moisten your bed, be sure to put on a shower cap to protect your pillowcase.

In the morning, wash normally with the shampoo and treatment of your choice.

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