Hair care in autumn

The season changed and, with it, came the fluctuations in temperature, in the amount of rain ...

Autumn, like any other season, requires specific hair care, as some characteristics of this season can damage the hair and the scalp.

In summer, we care about the sun, pool and sea water.

In the fall, the obstacles are different.

For being a drier season, the hair is more subject to pollution, for example.

This dries out and weakens the strands, increasing the fall.

Another villain of autumn is the temperature changes: at the beginning and end of the day, cold and during the afternoon, heat! If it is difficult for us, imagine it for our hair.

To help you spend this season with beautiful and healthy hair, we have separated some cares that you need to take, daily.

Check only:

Prefer warm or cold water in the bath
In the summer, we can calmly wash our hair with colder water

. In the change of season, it is normal to exchange cold baths for hot ones.

However, this practice is harmful to the wires.

The very hot water sensitizes the hair, makes the cuticles dilate and leaves it dry, dull and without movement.

In addition to being an aggravating factor for the formation of dandruff.

If you are unable to take a bath with warm or colder water, our tip is to end the wash with a shower of cold water, rinsing your hair well.

Cold water helps to seal cuticles and promotes extra shine to locks.

Invest in reconstruction

With the exposure of hair to pollution, an indispensable care is hair reconstruction.

This step in the schedule is not just for those who have hair with chemistry, such as straightening and coloring.

Even natural hair needs this procedure to recover the nutrients and proteins lost with the daily aggressions they receive.

Therefore, invest in a reconstruction treatment every 15 days to strengthen the hair fiber.

Opt for products rich in keratin, such as De Sírius S.O.S Reconstructive Cream.

This mask acts on the most damaged areas, restoring the capillary mass and has anti-breakage action.

It is rich in wheat protein, collagen, elastin, keratin, wheat oil and shea butter.

Beware of heat tools
As the autumn climate is already drier, it is important not to interfere with the natural moisture in the hair.

Therefore, be careful with the excessive use of the dryer, flat iron, babyliss and diffuser.

These heat tools dry the hair and leave the cuticles more open and sensitive.

We recommend avoiding the use whenever possible or, at least, alternating the days in which it is used.

But, even if the use is not so frequent, do not forget to continue using a thermal protector.

De Sírius recommends Brush Fluid for the Intenso Restaurador line. It acts on the capillary cuticles, involving the threads and protecting them from heat.

In addition, it facilitates brushing, promoting more durability and a lot of shine!

Keep an eye on the frizz!
Another harm of drier weather in autumn is the increase in frizz.

The hair gets that creepy effect that no one likes.

To avoid it, keep hydration in your beauty routine and don't forget to use good finishers.

An important tip: when removing moisture from your hair, prefer microfiber towels or use a cotton piece.

It is also essential not to rub the fabric against the hair, because this friction increases the frizz.

You can use DD Spray from the Deep Nutrition line, to help control frizz and ensure intense nutrition, thermal and sun protection.

Remember: using the right products is also essential to keep your hair beautiful, healthy and protected in any season!

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