Meet the Super Hair Schedule: Complete treatment for your hair

You should already know that hair is a “dead” structure, which needs to be constantly revitalized with treatments.
The more aggression to the hair, the greater the need to make a good capillary schedule to treat them.
First of all, you must have the correct diagnosis of your hair or your client: know if it is thin, thick, dry, oily, damaged, if it is breaking, falling or mixed.
Knowing the type of hair will help you find out which treatment you should use as a maintenance, in your day to day.
The Hair Schedule is a treatment cycle that returns the hair, proteins and amino acids it needs, in addition to replenishing lipids and beautifying the hair.
This treatment cycle is usually composed of 3 stages.

But, at De Sírius, we have the Super Hair Schedule, composed of 4 complete stages: Reconstruction, Restoration, Nutrition and Hydration.

Now understand the function of each of these treatments on your hair:

CAPILLARY RECONSTRUCTION: it is one of the most powerful treatments, as it has the function of returning to the hair the proteins and amino acids lost by chemical processes, such as discoloration, coloring or straightening.
We can make a comparison, as a building that is almost falling and needs a renovation, you need to "rebuild" everything, from the inside out.
So is hair reconstruction.
The sensorial that you will have after a reconstruction is of a "heavier" hair.

But don't worry, this happens due to the replacement of mass from proteins such as Keratin, Collagen and Elastin.
The line indicated in De Sírius is the Reconstructor S.O.S. for damaged hair.

RESTORATION: it is a treatment to renew all the properties that the hair has.
Just like a restoration of a work of art, the restorer will act on the hair in the same way, renewing the strands with vegetable oils, such as coconut, wheat, shea butter and with proteins and vitamins, which help in combating hair loss and breakage.
The line indicated in De Sírius is the Intensive Restorer for dry, thick and chemically processed hair with progressive.

NUTRITION: different from what many people think, nutrition is not only made with oils.
It is a balance of assets that helps the hair giving a fuller, more color protection and balance on the scalp.

It would be like a fertilizer for the threads: it helps to grow and make them stronger.
The line indicated in De Sírius is Deep Nutrition, for thin, weak and colored hair.

HYDRATION: it is the treatment that beautifies the hair, restores shine, softness and balance.

It will return the water to the hair, so the hair gains a lot of shine.
It is a treatment that can be done constantly and with any other treatment, due to its beautifying properties.
The recommended line from De Sírius is the Absolute Illuminator, for dull and dry hair.
Now that you understand the function of each treatment for your hair, we will give you some tips on how to use it and what is the ideal periodicity for each one of them.
Check: There is the ideal schedule and the possible schedule.

The ideal would be to have the four complete treatments (shampoo, conditioner and cream).
However, we know that this is often not possible.
So, you can only purchase a complete kit for your hair type and use the creams from the other lines to enhance the treatments of the hair schedule.
For example, if your hair is thin and has streaks, have a complete kit of Deep Nutrition and S.O.S Reconstruction creams, Intense Restorer and Absolute Illuminator.

Knowing this, how can you use it?

Wash with 2x shampoo and remove excess water with a towel.
Apply the conditioner all over the hair, wait 3 minutes and apply the cream on top, gluing strand by strand.
Comb and take a break with a cap or just hold your hair for at least 5 minutes (or as long as you want, it won't hurt!).
You can use a different cream a week or focus on one for a longer period, depending on your hair's needs.
Closing this treatment cycle, you will have super-treated, healthy and beautiful hair.
The order of the creams does not matter, but it is interesting to start with the ones with the greatest treatment power, as the order explained: Reconstruction, Restoration, Nutrition and Hydration.
Last tip: if you have oily roots and strands in your hair, I advise you to have 2 shampoos, one for the scalp (I indicate the Organker or Deep Nutrition) and another for the hair (Reconstructor S.O.S. or Restorer Intense).
The good shampoo for wicks will not always be good for its root and vice versa.
If you use Organker shampoo, for example, to control oiliness, you can apply it on the scalp, which is still dry, before entering the box.
Massage the scalp, enter the box, rinse and apply the other shampoo.

To buy the De Sírius Super Hair Schedule kit, click here!

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