How to treat curly and curly hair.

Waves, curls and curls have never been so high as they are now!

Several websites and research magazines point to very high search rates on how to take and treat hair in the most natural way possible.

We see many women taking on their curly and curly locks beautifully on the streets and on social media!
But, what is fundamental to know that to take on the curls, without needing more straightening or chemicals?

Curly and curly hair needs special attention and specific treatments.

Want to know how to take care of him?
First, you need to know that there are different types of curls, which are called curves.

You need to find out what type of curl is, that is, its curvature.

This is very important for you to treat your hair well!

The difference in curls directly influences their treatment, for example, the more curly your hair, the greater the dry look!

This is because, in general, the oiliness that the scalp produces is not able to distribute itself in the threads due to the curvature (shape of the thread), so you start to have a more oily root and dry length.
After identifying your type of bunch, it's time to choose the ideal products!

But, before buying any product, pay attention to the composition.

If the product contains: MINERAL OIL, VASELIUM LIQUIDUM, PARAFFINIUM LIQUIDUM OR PETROLATUM ... run away! These oils are derived from petroleum, that is, they will further dry out your curls, in addition to creating dandruff, increasing fall and seborrhea.
De Sírius Cosméticos has the Cachos Divinos line, rich in water, oil and coconut butter, a component that makes a lipid replacement your hair needs!
The shampoo is free of parabens, salt and sulfates.

Cleans in a smooth and balanced way keeping your capillary flora balanced!
The Divine Curls Cream, for not having synthetic oils, is more absorbed by the fiber, treating and returning all the emollience that your curls need. You can abuse it by doing a good fit! Apply the product and take a break, using a cap.

Then, rinse and apply the Leave-in to give a greater definition to the curls and, if you like volume, dry it with a diffuser and get ready to cause it!
NOTE: Due to the composition with vegetable oils, some hair, when they start using this product, need a little more than you usually apply.
Here are some more golden tips for treating your curls:
- Moisture at least once a week!

De Sírius has Baru Oil, which in addition to humectating, will regenerate the fiber because it is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9.
- Use a pre-shampoo or, as some call it, co-wash or pre-poo.

You can use Baru Oil again, a conditioner such as the Intense Restorer or the Divine Curls Cream itself.

Apply before washing the hair with shampoo!
- Avoid hot water!

The very high temperature will cause a dilation in the cuticles and this will further accentuate the dryness of your hair.
- When washing with shampoo, massage gently in circular movements and in the direction of the cuticles.

With the foam, go wrapping all the curls to the ends.

With these tips and the right products, your curls will always be beautiful, defined and truly healthy!

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