How to strengthen thin and weak hair

Keeping hair always healthy is not an easy task.

Factors such as excessive exposure to the sun, the use of heat tools, chemicals and even food can affect hair health.

In the search for hydrated and beautiful hair, it is very important to identify what is damaging the strands in order to combat this damage.

For example, when the hair is weak, thin and brittle. Has your hair been or is it like this?

One of the clearest signs that hair is fragile is loss of elasticity.

To test, just see if, when you pull the wire, it returns to normal easily or frowns. Another sign is the excessive loss of the wires. On average, we lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day - after all, we have more than 100,000 hairs on the scalp.

However, when you notice a greater than normal drop, it can mean that the hair is weak and brittle.
But what factors can cause this problem?

From the excess of chemical treatments (colorings, discolorations, straightening ...), excess of flat iron, hair dryer and babyliss to the lack of nutrients that we are ingesting in the food or even the genetic predisposition. All of these can be factors of weakening the wires.

But, in most cases, a routine of specific care with quality products can already solve the problem! So stay tuned to the tips that we have separated for you to strengthen your hair, prevent hair loss and restore health to your hair!

1. Do not sleep with wet hair

This is a habit that can potentiate the fall and weaken the strands, because, with wet or damp hair, the proliferation of fungi happens more easily. Another practice that harms wires is to fasten them when they are wet. As the scalp gets wet for longer, it ends up weakening the hair as well as causing dandruff to create! The ideal is always to dry the hair, either naturally or with the dryer / diffuser, before sleeping and before attaching the strands.

2. Take care of food

Yes, your food has a direct connection with the health of your hair. So make it your ally to strengthen the threads. Keep a balanced diet, eating foods with the necessary nutrients, such as zinc, calcium, iron, vitamin E, C and B, proteins, whole grains, among others. In addition to ingesting, you can look for products that contain these vitamins and minerals in their composition. This combination further strengthens hair health.

3. Protect your hair every day

Do not forget that the hair also suffers from exposure to sunlight. In addition to using products that contain thermal protection (which protects the wires from damage from the flat iron, dryer and babyliss), look for products with protection against UV rays, such as finishing sprays and leave-ins. The goal is to create a film that wires and protects against external factors.

4. Use the right products

In addition to thermal and sunscreen, if you have thin, weak and brittle hair, the ideal is to use a complete line of products that help strengthen the hair. De Sírius has specific products for this type of hair, which will restore the strength, resistance and health of the strands.

Check out:

- Deep Nutrition Line:
For thin, weak, disheveled hair, with frizz and without movement. The line has Shampoo, Conditioner, Cream and DD Spray, products that protect and repair the internal structure of the hair, promoting cuticle closure, nourishing and creating a protective film. In addition to nourishing, softening and sealing the threads, the Deep Nutrition line is rich in ceramides, keratin, aloe and vera, jaborandi and chamomile.
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- Spray Volume and Strength:
For hair without volume, thin and weak, this product adheres strongly to the strands, improving the texture of the hair, leaving it more full-bodied, thick and strengthened. It is a Modeling Spray, rich in collagen and elastin. It is also an excellent option to use in brushes with more volume.
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