Capillary Cauterization: understand how this treatment works!

Capillary cauterization is a technique that consists of applying keratin to the hair and heating it (usually with the flat iron), so that the treatment is more effective.
Before, it is important to understand what is the protein used in this procedure.

Keratin is a name feared by many women, mainly, for the myths that are heard there referring to it.

For example: it hardens the wires and breaks.
The truth is that hair is a long chain of amino acids and proteins that form an alpha keratin, so returning keratin to the hair is always good!

However, there are really some precautions that we must take.

As keratin is a large protein, it needs heating to “degrade” and be absorbed in all cuticular layers.
To be clearer, let's explain a little bit about how cuticles work.

They are divided into 3 groups with different sizes and structures, and between the cuticles and the cortex, we have a membrane that is the CMC (cellular membrane cement). That is, if the keratin is applied and the hair is "with nothing", it will really stiffen the fiber.

De Sírius has the Kerativa line, which is rich in keratin!

Perfect for capillary cauterization.

The main tip is always to apply the Reconstructive Balm of this line before applying the keratin, so the hair receives lipids (beneficial oils) and recovers the fiber 100%.
Conclusion: to perform a cauterization it is important to replace the lipid agents beforehand.

The applied keratin fills the hair, leaving it stronger, shiny and prepared for processes before or after discoloration.
The process is very simple and, even if it is recommended to do it with a professional, De Sírius has the Kerativa home care line, to be used at home.

After the strands are washed, a generous amount of keratin is applied to the strands, which must be cauterized with a flat iron heated from 150 to maximum 170 degrees. After this process, rinse and apply the reconstructive balm, pause for about 5 minutes, rinse and finish as desired.

Thus, you will have a renewed hair with a great replacement of keratin in the strands!

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