4 Summer hair care

The hottest season of the year has arrived!
How about starting to take some care of your hair to avoid problems later? After all, we know that it is in the summer that the hair becomes more exposed and suffers aggressions from solar radiation, water, the sea, chlorine and pollution.

So that the hair is not so damaged, the ideal is to keep it healthy and strong to combat these external factors.

Therefore, we have separated some infallible tips for you to prepare the locks to enjoy the summer!

1. Trim the tips

This summer, the short and medium size cuts will be a trend. Chanel, Corte Reto, Short Bob and Pixie are some of the most requested.

But even if you don't want to cut your hair, take the time to trim the ends. Eliminating split and dry ends prevents them from opening further and starting to break.

2. Avoid bathing with hot water

With the temperature warming up, it is easier to avoid washing your hair with hot water. But it is always worth remembering that it is harmful to the hair: it increases the oiliness on the scalp, helps in the formation of dandruff and dries out the hair a lot. But you don't need to take a cold shower: water at an intermediate temperature is already better.

Tip: finish with a jet of cold water to increase the shine of the strands!

3. Put hydration in your routine

Moisturizing your hair once a week or once every 15 days is wonderful for strengthening and nourishing the strands. Whether in the beauty salon or with maintenance products at home, intensify hydration on summer days.

Hydrated hair is better prepared to combat exposure to the sun, chlorine or salt water.

4. Use products with sun protection
Even if you're not leaving the house, get your hair used with finishers that have sun protection.

This will be a mandatory item in your bag during the summer.

In addition to avoiding possible damage caused by overexposure to the sun, some leave-ins and sprays help with brushing and reducing frizz.

These are great habits for you to insert into the beauty routine now.

However, during the summer, care must be doubled!

Remember to keep using products that protect your hair and have S.O.S action! Check out the De Sirius product kit that could be your ally this summer:

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