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Provoke emotions through cosmeceutic products that could lend enchanting to people.

To be a reference in cosmoceutic products in Brazil until 2015.

– Honesty and integrity.
– Respect to human being.
– Fostering creativity.
– Innovation based on science.
- Courage.


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Not even the world-wide crisis could stop the De Sírius Cosméticos expansion plans. The proof of that is the fact that on May 2009, this Rio Grande do Sul company, founded in 1998, inaugurated new facilities of 5 thousand square meters, on the Industrial District, in Alvorada (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).
The space, eight times bigger than the previous headquarter in Porto Alegre, holds the administration, finance, marketing, human resources, and expedition sections, besides production.
This latter, by the way, should double until the end of the year thanks to acquisition of bigger, last generation equipments, increase in the number of staff members in about 40%, and the following exportations to the United States.
“The aim is to create new opportunities of business and offer a large, modern and integrated environment in order to facilitate the logistic of the whole process, from manufacturing to distribution of our more than 260 items in national scale”, say Sabrina and Flávio Rosa, the company’s managers.
For the well-being and professional development of our employees and clients, the new manufacturing plant presents a leisure area, with a gourmet space full of fruitful trees. It has also a Center for training towards professional hair stylists and distributors. The idea is to provide a unique experience in cosmetology, clearing doubts and improving knowledge in this area, getting closer to these great partners, admittedly the ones responsible for De Sírius success.


A little bit of its history
The name couldn’t be more appropriate: Sírius, which in Greek means shining, is the biggest star closest to the Earth and emits 20 times more light than the Sun itself. Inspired by this strength, the managers Sabrina and Flávio Rosa made the dram of providing the market Professional high quality hair products come true. It worked so well that in ten years the company portfolio soared from only two to more than 260 items, with options for hair, body, hands, feet and depilation. All this made De Sírius gain confidence from salon professionals and fame for launching trends and innovative cosmetic, distributed in 17 lines: Corative Color, Tonative Color, Gloss Color, Clarium, Solty, Gradual Liss, Kerativa, Nutricontrol, Biotec, Lift Hair, Vinhotherapy, Kaftherapy, Cacautherapy, Final Touch, Feet & Hands , Depitec, and Dermo-shock.

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